For those who wish to replace their old car with a new one, UzAuto Motors offers to purchase cars in stock under the Trade-In program!

Today, under the Trade-In program, various configurations of cars Tracker, Lacetti, Nexia-3, Spark, Cobalt and Malibu are available.

The world practice of exchanging a used car for a new one with a surcharge - Trade-in was launched in Uzbekistan in October 2019. This program allows owners of a used car to exchange it at a car dealership for a completely new car with a surcharge.

How is the process of exchanging your car for a new one?

- The client chooses a new car at a car dealership.

- An expert at a car dealership evaluates a client’s car, taking into account the technical condition and year of manufacture.

- The client signs a contract of sale of an old car, while there is no need to notarize the transaction.

- The client makes a surcharge - the difference between the price of a new car and the price of an old one.

- The client leaves for a new car.

Note that since October 2019, more than 400 people have already used Trade-In service.

You can purchase new cars using the Trade-In system in a few hours at the UzAuto Motors Service & Trade-In Center at the address: 61 Elbek Street, Yashnabad District, Tashkent city.

For additional information on the Trade-In program, please contact: +998781207077

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