Chevrolet Continues One World Play Project in Uzbekistan


А delegation from GMPT-Uz visited the Home of Mercy “Cheksiz Imkoniyatlar” (Unlimited Possibilities) under Muruvvat#2 Orphanage for young adults with disabilities to deliver Chevrolet-branded footballs.

The Home of Mercy is educating 11 young adults and helping them to build their own lives. The founders of Unlimited Possibilities, Cindy and Mike Edsons, gave a tour and told visitors about the everyday life of the children and the programs they teach.

After a fascinating dance performance by the children, GMPT-Uz General Director Bob Geist, GMPT-Uz Assistant Plant Manager Jennifer Bigelow and GMPT-Uz employees presented the footballs from One World Play Project to the children. 

“Thank you for your fantastic dance and your hospitality,” said Bob. “Chevrolet is delivering these virtually indestructible footballs around the globe. This is part of GM’s focus on corporate social responsibility, which is serving and improving communities around the world.”

The children expressed their gratitude through a sweets table that they prepared.

“Thank you for coming and making our children happy,” said Cindy Edsons. “The love you shared today will warm the hearts of our young adults.”


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