Dear representatives of national mass media!


Once again remind you that all published information on national automotive industry operation with reference to unverified sources damage reputation of SC “Uzavtosanoat” and its enterprises, as well as mislead citizens in speculative interests of separate individuals. We remind you that in this very case you personally bear responsibility for unreliable news to visitors of your publications.       

Once again we bring to the notice that all reliable information on SC “Uzavtosanoat” and its enterprises operation is available through Information service of SC “Uzavtosanoat” or official web-sites - www.uzavtosanoat.uz и www.chevrolet.uz.

SC “Uzavtosanoat” and its enterprises are always available for domestic mass media and ready to mutually beneficial cooperation.


Contacts of SC “Uzavtosanoat” Information Service: tel. 267-74-84/85, 
e-mail: avtoolam@mail.ru

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