Global News: McLaren launched production of 570S sport car


McLaren Company started production of sport car 570S. Assembly of the cars was arranged in Woking (England). The car is the first model of McLaren Sport Series and was constructed on the platform of MonoCell II.  

Due to the active usage of aluminum and carbon in the construction 570S became one of the lightest in its class – weight is 1313 kg. The vehicle is equipped with 3,8 l. turbo engine V8 of 570 hp. The engine works with 7-speed preselective gear box SSG and gains 100km/h in 3,2 sec.    

At the nearest future company is planning to start production of one more sport car of Sport Series – 540C. The novelty will become cheap car of the brand and will come into the market in 2016.

Design of the car reminds sport car 570S, which has been displayed earlier in New-York Motor Show. The car got updated aerodynamic body kit, as well as 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels. Coupe differs by leather trimming, new sport seats and updated infotainment system with 7-inch sensor screen.

540C is equipped with 3,8 l. gasoline turbo engine V8. Engine capacity equals 540 hp. and 540 nm torque. Aggregate works together with 7-speed preselective gear box SSG. Sport car gains 100km/h in 3,5 sec. Maximal speed – 320 km per hour.  

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