Global news: Chevrolet prepared six car concepts for SEMA


American carmaker Chevrolet will demonstrate Trax, Malibu, Camaro, Colorado and Silverado 1500 models updated with branded accessories at the largest automotive industry exhibition in USA – Sema Show. Concept of sport hatch Spark RS sets apart.

In contrast to Ford and Hyundai, which entrusted preparation of breathtaking concepts for SEMA to popular tuning masters, Chevrolet decided to show top-selling models “dressed” in manufacturer’s accessories, while packet of modifications Red Line Series will be available in 2016.

Demonstrated in May Chevrolet Camaro of new generation is an interesting car, but Red Line Series accessories effectively highlight its accomplishments. Modifications of exterior include graphite 20-inch wheel discs and side mirrors housings, glossy black Camaro nameplate with red accents and vinyl red and black labels on front fender. Back headlights are blacked-out, while red “wings” stand out against dark grille of front bumper.   

Concerning the “iron”, displayed model got lowered suspension, as well as updated intake and exhaust systems.

Chevrolet Colorado in tuning makes a good show. Pickup, as well as coupe Camaro, is decorated by different elements colored in graphite. Customers are able to order vehicle with optional 18-inch disks with Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude tires, facings on wheel arcs and step plates.  

List of modifications includes sets for modernization of intake and exhaust systems, towing hinges and organizer by GearOn, fixation for Thule bicycles transportation. 

Sales of Chevrolet Malibu sedan, that will become better with original accessories due to Chevy marketing specialists idea, will be started in a little while in the North America. Besides from components colored in graphite and red, car will be equipped by spoiler, 19-inch wheel disks and even fixations for skis and snowboards, fixed on the roof.

Pickup Silverado wasn’t left without attention. In many points list of available tuning resembles with set of accessories for Colorado model, however, diameter of wheel disks is 22-inch and optional brake mechanisms Brembo are hidden behind front wheels.   

Together with “adults” crossover Trax got its own packet of modifications. Along with decorations customers can order lowered suspension, 18-inch disks, Thule fixations and “all-season” pallet in baggage compartment. 

Concept of sport hatchback Spark RS is a result of joint efforts of Chevrolet specialists from USA and South Korea. Car got front splitter and facing on rear bumper made of coal plastic, lowered suspension and 17-inch disks in Corvette Z07 style. Body is colored in silver-grey color under the name - Dark Liquid Switchblade Silver.  


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