Global news: Hyundai Tucson was transformed into Adventuremobile


“Adventure” version of Hyundai Tucson, created by popular California tuner John Pangilinan, will be displayed at SEMS Auto Show – show of the most attractive works of tuning masters.

According the idea the car should become a guide into the world of adventures, extreme and familiarize you with the nature. In other words, Pangilinan decided to transform Tucson into ideal weekend car. Design with tent for two persons was fixed on the roof of crossover.  

Moreover, Tucson got solar batteries supplying LED lightning units of the vehicle. Windscreen got horizontal searchlight, frontage was strengthened by Aries bull bar security, and step plates on each side.   

Road clearance was lengthened by 4 sm. Hyundai Tucson “shoes were changed” to Toyo Open Country A/T II wheels with RAYS Gram Lights 57DR discs.

Engine capacity wasn’t left without attention as well, but for today there is no information on it. It is known that crossover was equipped by new set of Magnaflow intake and exhaust systems.  

Concerning interior, Hyundai Tucson obtained custom finish and wide list of equipment, including: outdoor accumulator, sundry box for stuff in luggage space, BP Autosound audio system and many others. 

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