Global news: Lego Transport: new world record


The biggest camper was built of tinker toys in Britain. The camper, made of 220 000 Lego details, entered Guinness Book of Records. Recreational vehicle, one of the displays of Motorhome & Caravan Show 2015 in Birmingham, was constructed by 12 people with the following dimensions: length - 3,6 m and height - 2,2 m. There are bed, table and fridge inside the camper – all of them are made of Lego.      

It should be noted, that the British are the first constructors of original vehicles made of  extraordinary materials: for example, London companies Lasercut Works and Scales and Models working with laser cutting and 3D modeling constructed Origami Car – full-sized copy of sedan Lexus IS 300h, cutout and glued of carton. 

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