Global news: Renault vested rights to “Moskvich” brand


“Moskvich” brand had been got out of our minds after closure of AZLK Plant in Moscow. However, we cannot exclude the fact that in several years “Moskvich” could appear at Russian roads again. For today, Renaul Russian branch sent an application to Rospatent for registration of “Moskvich” trade mark and its emblem.  

It was informed that Company sent several applications, where Company vested rights to “Moskvich” title and its emblem used ever for cars produced by Moscow Automotive Plant named after Lenin Komsomol (AZLK). Brand is secured in all possible ways of writing for the whole history of car brand “Moskvich”, including the earliest periods. 

Renault refused to comment the situation. It should be noted that “Aleko” mark and its “export” version, as well as MZMA emblem of Moscow Small Car Factory will be down in German Company Volkswagen AG name till 2021.


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