Global news: The Russian actively began to buy second hand cars.


In September Russian auto market of second hand cars unexpectedly set a record: it was sold more than 460 thousands of second hand cars – the highest index of the year according “Avtostat” agency research. However, during the first autumn month of the last year sellers realized by 8,7% vehicles more, secondary market decline was not so significant, as in the last months.    

During the 9 month of 2015 second hand car market was declined by 20,3%, as car sales were reduced by 33%. These indicators show that potential customers look towards second hand.

This year new cars prices were increased by 24%, while second hand cars prices by 10-15%.

Lada became the best seller – 137,6 th. of cars were bought by the Russian. Toyota became the leader among the foreign-made cars: 49,4 th. of cars during September (less by 13,7% than a year before). Next position is occupied by Nissan (8,5%; 23,5 th.), Chevrolet (-3,8%; 18,9 th.), and Ford (-1,5%, 18,1 th.).


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