Global news: What should the most beautiful car in the world look like?


Insurance Company Privilege interviewed drivers, giving them a simple question: which design elements of which cars are the most attractive for you? On the base of collected data British journal Car created generalized character of the car consisting of the best designers’ solutions.

So, the best profile belongs to Lamborghini Gallardo according opinion of the citizens of Foggy Albion, when the most expressive designs of front and rear parts of the body belong to Aston Martin DB9 and Triumph Spitfire. The largest doors - Rolls-Royce Phantom, and wheels - Range Rover Evoque. Generalized character was completed by Mini Cooper headlights, Audi A1 lights and mirrors of Citroen C4 Picasso.

Let remind you, that a year ago the British demonstrated “the worst car”: Car journalists “created” car made of problem and fragile components and aggregates of production vehicles on the base of Insurance Company Warranty Direct data. 


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