Global news: Yamaha published first image of the new sport car


Yamaha Company published first teaser image of the new conceptual sport car. Public debut will be held in Tokyo Auto Show at the end of October.

According preliminary data sport coupe will be equipped with electric motor unit. Hybrid version of the novelty will be available as well. According press-service of the Company car design was inspired by motorcycles and expresses unique style of Yamaha.

Let remind you, that it is not the first car constructed by Yamaha. In 2013, Company presented city car MOTIV.e. Vehicle looks like futuristic Smart ForTwo. Car is two seated with electromotor.

Body panel made of plastic, it makes car light-weighted – total weight doesn’t exceed 730 kg. MOTIV.e gains speed from 0 till 100 in 15 seconds. Car is equipped by electromotor of 34 h.p. Operational kilometers from one charge are 160 km. Battery charges in hour from special device or in 3 hours from simple socket.    


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