Key dates

November, 1992 – Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On establishment of JV “UzDaewooAuto”.

May, 1993 - establishment of JV«UzDEUelectronics».

March, 1994 – establishment of Uzbek Association of Automobile manufacturing “Uzavtosanoat". 

May, 1995 – establishment of JV ”Uz-Coram Co.” (bumpers and dashboards) and JV "Uz-TongHong Co." (car seats).

May, 1996 -  establishment of JV "UzDongJuPaint Co." (enamels, adhesives, industrial paints).

May, 1996 – signing of agreement on JV "SamKochavto" establishment.

September, 1996 - creation of the network of internal trade – JSC “Uzavtotexxizmat"..

June, 1996 - establishment of JV "Uz-DongYang Co." (elements of automobile interior finish).

December, 1996 – establishment of JV "Uz-DongWon Co." (mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock-beam) and JV "Uz-SeMyung Co." (fuel tanks).

February, 1997 - creation of "Uzavtosanoat" Association’s foreign trade network.

May, 1997 - participation in Minsk International Auto Show.

October, 1997 - gold medal at Siberian Fair "For promotion of modern cars of own production on Siberian market".

May, 1998 –membership of "Uzavtosanoat" Association in OICA at the General Assembly of the International Organization of Motor Transport Manufacturers in Paris.

October, 1998 –establishment of JSC "Avtooyna" (automobile glass).

December, 1998 –establishment of JV "UzEksayd" (batteries for cars, trucks, buses and tractors).

March, 1999 - official presentation of JV "SamKochavto".

October, 1999 –establishment of JV "UzKodji" (electroplaits for vehicles)..

August, 2004 –reorganization of "Uzavtosanoat" Association into the Joint-Stock Company.

August, 2008 - official presentation of Foreign Enterprise "DaiichiAutoParts".

December, 2008 – beginning of JV «GM PowertrainUzbekistan» construction.

September, 2009 – establishment of JV "UzChasis" on production of outdoor lighting (headlights and lamps for vehicles) in Namangan.

March, 2010 – 3 new plants in Fergana region: "Ferrae" (stamped components), "UzdongYang Fergana" (plastic components), "Fergana Autoglass” (encapsulated glass).

July, 2010 – establishment of JV "UzIraeAlternator" (generators and compressors) in FIEZ "Navoi".

August, 2010 – establishment of JV "UzIraeCable" (electric wires) in FIEZ "Navoi".

September, 2010 - production of auto components on JV “UzMinda” in FIEZ "Navoi".

November, 2010 - production of noise insulation materials at the “UzHanvu” joint venture.

May, 2011 - "MAN Truck & Bus AG" and "Uzavtosanoat" Joint-Stock Company began the construction of a new plant in Uzbekistan for production of heavy commercial vehicles.

September, 2011 - the beginning of a big-block assembly of the updated Chevrolet Captiva vehicle.

March, 2012 - the beginning of a big-block assembly of the Chevrolet Malibu vehicle.

September, 2012 - the start of series production of Chevrolet Cobalt car.

November, 2013 - the beginning of the production of Lacetti II (Gentra).

March, 2014 - the start of production of the car Chevrolet Orlando.

April, 2014 - the release of the two millionth car.

February, 2015 – production of anniversary twenty thousandth vehicle on Samarkand Automotive Plant.

May, 2015 – operation of new administrative building of JSC “Uzavtosanoat”. 

July, 2015 – Japanese Company “ISUZU Motors” and JSC “Uzavtosanoat” signed an agreement on realization of 8% share in chartered capital of Samarkand Automotive Plant.

July, 2015 – serial production of Chevrolet Labo by “GM Uzbekistan”.

July, 2015 – Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated to July 20, 2015 “About establishment of Joint Venture “UZAUTO-INZI” on aluminum details production”.

June, 2016 – the start of series production of the next generation of Chevrolet Nexia.

May, 2017 – SC Uzavtosanoat and Groupe PSA sign a Joint Venture agreement to produce light commercial vehicles in Uzbekistan.