Mamatkhonov Bakhtiyor Begijonovich

Address: Andijan, Novokoltsevaya str., 1 

Tel.: (74) 296-00-36

Web-site: uzkoram.uz 

E-mail: info@uzkoram.uz


Joint Uzbek-Korean Venture “Uz-Koram Co.” was established in May, 1995 with the purpose of localization of overall component parts made of plastic for automotive industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. JV “Uz-Koram Co.” enters into JSC “Uzavtosanoat”, gathering more than 70 enterprises. First production was launched in May, 1997, when JV started production of bumpers for Nexia, Tico, Damas and dashboards for Tico and Damas models. It was produced on automatic injection machine.

During the second step enterprise organized painting manufacture in November, 2001, at the same period JV started production of bumpers, dashboards and door covering for Matiz. From 2003 to 2009 production was expanded due to operation of 4 more automatic injection machines. Next step was marked by foundation of second painting department with higher production capacity.

In 2010 establishment of Department of energy heaters production made of foaming polypropylene became a significant step in mastering of modern high-tech facilities. To date, yearly capacity of LLC is 230 000 bumper sets, dashboards and door coverings for GM autos. Register of production consists of bumpers for Nexia, Matiz, Damas, Tico, Lacetti, Spark, Cobalt; dashboards for Nexia, Matiz, Damas, Tico; door coverings for Matiz; energy heaters for Nexia, Lacetti, Spark and Cobalt models.

In 1999 enterprise entered external market with the aim of supplying of service entities with local production for vehicles exported by GM Uzbekistan. Main consumers are JSC “GM Uzbekistan” plant, “Uz Dong-Yang”, service enterprise “Avtotechhizmat”, dealers of JSC “GM Uzbekistan” in Russian Federation, local dealers of LLC “Uz-Koram Co.”

Enterprise is planning to increase production and work on costs reduction by the way of searching for alternative materials suppliers; train personnel; advance export program; expand localization program and master new types of production. Simultaneously, LLC works on matter of environment negative impact reduction due to construction of new environment-oriented objects and usage of environmentally sound technologies. “Uz-Koram Co.” conducts social policy directed to improvement of working conditions, rise of living standards of staff.   

Enterprise production – bumpers, dashboards, painting manufacture.