Museum of world and national automotive history was opened in Tashkent


Unique in the region Tashkent Polytechnic Museum dedicated to the world and national automotive history started its operation in Tashkent.

The museum is located in the new building of SC “Uzavtosanoat” at the center of the capital of Uzbekistan. Its exposition is divided into three divisions: “World automotive history”, “History of automotive industry of Uzbekistan” and “Interactive practicum”.

 Museum visitors are able to take a look at displayed exhibits, as well as to find out interesting information on  autoindustry. So, at the first division real legends are displayed: “Volkswagen Beetle”, GAZ-213 “Chayka”, “Moskvich-400” and others. Moreover, museum reflects all significant moments of formation and development of the national automotive industry and displays first General Motors Uzbekistan vehicles.  

Exhibits of the second area provide an opportunity to participate in the process. Dancing robots, Ames distorted room, mirror maze and many other entertainments are able for the visitors. In a word, it is an eye-catcher. Come and see for yourself!  

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