Official premiere of Ravon brand was held in Moscow. For today, Uz-Daewoo cars will be sold at Russian market under this brand. Representatives of Uzbek Company told about upcoming rebranding of dealer enterprises and displayed new cars for Russian customers.

All right for Daewoo brand belongs to Daewoo International Company. SC “GM Uzbekistan” uses this brand according special agreement only for exported cars. Because of the end of agreement term it was decided to make rebranding and introduce new brand Ravon that is translated from Uzbek as “easy way, clear road”.

New automotive brand Ravon is presented under the following slogan – “Time-proved, constructed newly”. Deputy Chairman of SC “Uzavtosanoat” Tokhir Jalilov mentioned that last 2 years company has studied demands of Daewoo consumers and it was revealed that drivers evaluate time-proved quality for reasonable prices. That is why new page on the way to success and development was opened by Ravon brand.   

Official presentation displayed well-known Matiz and Gentra, new sedan Nexia R3 (Chevrolet Aveo 2008), as well as R2 (Chevrolet Spark 2010) and R4 (Chevrolet Cobalt). Till the end of the year new car brand Ravon made stake on Matiz and Gentra models. Next year model row will be significantly expanded due to Ravon R2 (new model of compact A-class vehicle), Ravon Nexia R3 (new generation of В-class bestseller), Ravon R4 (new model at the junction of В/С classes). Also, company is planning to introduce several more models of C-class and compact SUV. Uz-Daewoo is well-known brand at Russian market. In 2015 Matiz was awarded as “Automobile of the year in Russia” among city cars. More than 300 th. of Matizs was sold in Russia, while the share of this model in A-class segment is equal to 60%.    

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