Abdrshin Farid Anvarovich

Address: Tashkent, Yunus-Abad 7, Karakamishskaya str., 2

Tel.: 221-10-67

E-mail: kontinent@zenitel.uz


April 23, 1982 – establishment of Tashkent branch of Leningrad Science and Production Association “AVANGARD”. Due to Resolution of the Ministry #604 dated to 01.07.1986 Tashkent branch of Association was divided into several parts and as a result Tashkent Plant for production of microassemblies “Zenit” started its operation. According Order of State Committee for State Property Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan #243 dated to 23.08.1995  Tashkent Plant “Zenit” was reorganized into Open JSC “Zenit”. In accordance with Order of Khokimiyat of Yunusabad District #477 dated to 03.04.1998 Open JSC “Zenit” was renamed to Open Joint-Stock Company “ZENIT”.   

Due to Order of Khokimiyat of Yunusabad District Open JSC “ZENIT” got Certificate # 10-000663 dated to 21.10.2002. Enterprise operation is based on rent of office spaces for production of electronic parts jointly with JV LLC “Tashkent Tyre Plant “Zenit Electronics”.

Due to notification of Department for Demonopolization and Development of Competition of Tashkent enterprise is a natural monopoly entity of Tashkent:

  • #60 dated to 21.04.2003 for Transportation of electric energy;
  • #71 dated to 13.08.2003 for Transportation (resale) of water-and-sewage services.