Sport car Porsche 911 R was bought up before the official premiere


Next year Porsche Company will start production of “charged” modification of Porsche 911 R sport car that will be available only in “secondary market”.

Porsche history has been already marked with sport car 911 of R type. In the middle of sixteenth, Porsche 911 of the first generation got lightly built modification 911 R with 210-power engine that is rarity for today, because this car was produced only in 20 exemplars.   

In contrast to its ancestor new Porsche 911 R will be produced in high-volume. But it will be difficult to buy it, because all cars have been already bought up. Lucky beggars became Porsche Company “friends”, who made prepayment before official presentation, and actually blindfolded, because Company showed nothing but indistinct picture of Porsche 911 R.     

Less is known about the car. According Dutch edition “Autogespot.nl”, sport car will be equipped with 3,8-l engine of 475 h.p (440 Nwm) from Porsche 911 GT3, but with manual transmission. It is expected that vehicle weight will be reduced due to body panel made of coal-plastic and light alloys details. Information on price is also unavailable, but it makes no difference. Car will be available solely at second hand and price certainly will be higher than manufacture’s.        



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