The Swiss will construct car with retractable steering wheel


Swiss company Rinspeed shared first teaser of new concept Etos. Official debut will be held in January, 2016 at Consumer Electronics Show in Las-Vegas.

Rinspeed Etos is a prototype of new car able to move at autopilot mode. According carmaker messages autopilot will be “intuitive, adaptive and educable”. In case of activation steering wheel automatically retracts into the dashboard, making room for a pair of screens to slide in front of the driver and passenger.

Moreover, car will be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicle. Drone accommodates on landing pad on the rear of vehicle. Due to drone driver will be able, for instance, to take video of the car during the move. 

But technical specifications of the new concept still not disclosed by Rinispeed, however it is known, that it will be a hybrid. Moreover carmaker informs on new multimedia system Harman able to operate in “smart” mode. Besides Rinspeed more than 25 companies participated in development process of Etos concept, including Borbet, Harting, Rehau, Stahl and others. 


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