To the national mass media attention!


It is becoming increasingly commonplace for several national mass media to popularize unreliable information, violating professional journalistic conduct, on occasions and activities of JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and its enterprises, in particular, JSC “General Motors Uzbekistan”, referring to non-existent sources. That way, mentioned mass media inflict not only JSC “Uzavtosanoat” image, but even mislead consumers to please unfair interests of separate entities.

In order to exclude publication ofunreliable information and protectconsumers from unfair and illegal actions of entities, distributing unreliable information, we ask all informative sites, newspapers and other mass media carefully review information on JSC “Uzavtosanoat“ and its enterprises activities by the way of consulting with “Uzavtosanoat” information service before its publication. All reliable information on “Uzavtosanoat” and enterprises is available through information service or official      sites - www.uzavtosanoat.uz and www.chevrolet.uz.

JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and enterprises are always available for national mass media and ready to mutually beneficial cooperation, but at the same time reserve the right to take measures on protection of business reputation of JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and its enterprises within the legal terms.

JSC “Uzavtosanoat” Information service contacts: tel. 267-74-84/85,
e-mail: avtoolam@mail.ru

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