UzAuto Motors begins selling cars in export markets under the Chevrolet brand



The agreement reached earlier by UzAuto Motors and its alliance partner General Motors symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in the history of sales of Uzbek cars abroad.

The first models available since March 2020 in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus under the Chevrolet brand will be Spark, Nexia and Cobalt.

The right to use the Chevrolet brand in foreign markets was granted to the domestic manufacturer due to the high quality of cars achieved, which fully complies with the standards established by one of the leaders in the global auto industry - General Motors.

The decision will allow UzAuto Motors to use all the power of the global Chevrolet brand to increase sales in export markets as efficiently as it is already happening in the domestic market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

UzAuto Motors will manage the distribution of Chevrolet models manufactured by the company in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The dealer network will be created on the basis of a number of current General Motors Russia dealers, part of existing Ravon dealers and authorized Chevrolet service centers, taking into account their geographical location and degree of compliance with Chevrolet brand standards.

Working under a single brand will open up new opportunities for the further development of the automobile industry of Uzbekistan and sales in export markets.

Existing Chevrolet customers who purchased cars from GM / Chevrolet dealerships in Russia before the end of 2015 can be sure that General Motors Russia authorized service centers will continue to provide services.

Also, customers who purchase Ravon vehicles will be able to continue to receive services at authorized UzAuto Motors service centers.

For customers who have purchased Chevrolet Spark, Nexia and Cobalt cars manufactured by UzAuto Motors, the warranty will remain, as well as after-sales services and spare parts, which will be provided by UzAuto Motors through its dealer network.

GM provides high-quality consulting and production support to UzAuto Motors, contributing to the implementation of development projects of the largest automotive company in Uzbekistan, including in foreign markets. This is evidenced by the start of sales abroad of Spark, Nexia and Cobalt models under the Chevrolet brand.

The sale of cars under the Ravon brand in Russia and the CIS countries will will end by the middle of the year 2020.

Thanks Ravon, good luck Chevrolet!

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