UzAuto and Quantum Business Advisory (India) signed an agreement on establishment of a joint international IT company in Tashkent.

UzAuto represented by "Avtosanoat Invest LLC" and QBA represented by “Quantum Business Advisory Private Ltd” agreed on cooperation and creation of a joint venture to provide all types of  IT solutions and services to the local industries of Uzbekistan, and invest long-term in the development of local IT workforce and their business processes.

The main activity of the IT Company "QBA IT" will be to support the initiatives of Uzbek companies in digital transformation, including the implementation and integration of IT solutions based on platforms such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. The company will also provide services for the creation of software and provision of IT services, in particular: software development, IT consulting services, computer equipment management, training, etc.

The creation of the IT company "QBA IT" will allow UzAuto to contribute to the development of information technology skills and intelligent production management based on the Industry 4.0. production solution in the country. QBA group’s global experience in automating business processes and a high level of digitalization of across all functions of an enterprise will make it possible to implement modern IT solutions in other industries within Uzbekistan.

In addition, QBA's provision of Subject Matter Experts and other technical experts to the joint international IT Company will open the door to a broad pool of local, competitive experts in the field.

On this occasion of reaching agreement on the establishment of QBA IT, Chairman and Managing Director of QBA (India) Mr. Saurabh Rateria said: “We are pleased to share our rich global experience and strong team of IT resources to participate in the digital transformation of Uzbekistan’s industry, helping to shape here is a local IT expertise and an opportunity to support the industries."

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