Kholiev Sobirjon Mannapovich

Address: Tashkent region, Bostonlik distr.,  Khojikent village, Kizil-Suv

Tel.: (95)170-85-55

Web-site: sokol.uz

E-mail: sokol.uz@inbox.ru



Children Resting Camp “Sokol” is located at a picturesque canyon Kizik-Suv. Territory of the camp is surrounded by mountainous slopes with broad-leaved trees and blue spruce and mountain river Kizil-Suv.  

“Sokol” is a camp of new generation with entertainment program based on modern approach to children rest organization.

Professional teachers give lessons on football, volleyball, tennis, track and field athletics, badminton, swimming, chess and horseback riding. Program includes different kinds of competitions and relays. Feature films and animated cartoons are showed on big cinema screen. Big number of creative groups operate here: English speaking club, origami, bead weaving, drawing, dancing, choreography, group of modern photography, as well as library and game room. Dramatic art and oratory groups will assist your child to reveal new talents. At “Stars Factory” group children will have a chance to show his/her worth as talented dancer or singer.