Acting General Director - Rustam Bakhtiyarovich Rajabov

Address: Asaka, Khumo str., 81; Tashkent, Nukus str., 8

Phone:  +99871 140-55-40; +99871-141-77-77;

Web-site: gmuzbekistan.uz

E-mail: gmuzbekistan@gm.uz

Asaka Automotive Plant is a light evidence of the potential of our Motherland and our nation. Today, on the 20th year of state independence, we deeply realize significance of achieved success. Erection of large enterprise, introduction of complicated technologies answering all international standards, their mastering by local specialists – are not beyond any states power.   

Foundation of Automotive Plant construction in Uzbekistan was laid during the visit of our President Islam Karimov in June, 1992 to Korean Republic while meeting with “Daewoo Motors” Corporation activity. After a while document on joint venture in automotive sphere establishment was signed. On March, 1993 Uzbek-South Korean JV “UzDaewooAuto” was established and three years later on the 19th of July, 1996 opening ceremony of Asaka Automotive Plant was held.

Asaka Automobile Plant staff, consisting of professional team, confidently made its first significant step and in 1996 three car lines were launched - Damas, Nexia, Tico in 7 modifications. Thus, consumer was provided with worthy choice due to high technical level. During the first year enterprise produced 25,3 th. of light vehicles, next year amount reached 64,3 th.

Meanwhile, specialists of automotive branch continued their work under new achievements. Five years after opening, in 2001, in honor of 10th anniversary of Independence, Plant started production of Matiz. In August, 2002 production of Nexia DOHC model was launched. In December, 2004 model raw was completed with Matiz in BEST modification. Simultaneously work on improvement of Damas vehicle characteristics was continued, as a result in February, 2006 renewed model Damas II was mastered.

On March, 2008 restyling model of Nexia was presented. That year was inaugurated with one more event: on the 21 of February, 2008 new Joint-Venture “GM Uzbekistan” was established on the base of Asaka Automotive Plant. Work went in full swing. Model raw of Uzbek cars was enlarged by new, modern and qualitative vehicles. Production of Chevrolet was launched: sedan of representative class “Epica” and SUV “Captiva”. In November Asaka Automotive Plant produces millionth vehicle. It was Lacetti model – synthesis of stylish, simple interior and dynamic sport exterior.      

Especially for Lacetti production stamping of body panels, constructed welding division and reconstructed assembly line were arranged.

Inspired by success, specialists on national automotive industry did not keep us waiting and in August, 2010 “GM Uzbekistan” mastered production of global model - Chevrolet Spark. From the first days car became a favorite model of Uzbek car drivers.  

                      Damas Matiz Spark   Nexia    Cobalt


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