Abdurakhmonov Bakhtiyorjon Karabaevich

Address: Andijan region, Khanabad, Koinot str., 100

Tel.:  (74) 734-30-80

Web-site: uzkoje.uz 

E-mail:  info@uzkoje.uz; uzkoje-tas@uzkoje.uz



JV “UzKoje”, producer of electric wiring harnesses for Asaka Automotive Plant’s vehicles, is located in Khanabad, Andijan region and was established in 1999. JSC “Uzavtosanoat” became a founder from Uzbek side and Companies “E-RAE Co. LTD.” and “Koje Ind. LTD.” from Korean.  

During engine run temperature of single units can reach the highest level. Thus, heat resistance of wires is a matter of special importance. Moreover, there is a risk of extremely flammable fuel and caustic mixtures emission. That is why there should be guaranteed protection from any of these effects.  

Producer concerned about quality of electric wires: it withstands temperature swings – not only heating, but even cooling to minus 40º С. JV mastered flexible technology of electric wiring harnesses for national vehicles. Enterprise receives component parts from South Korea – hundreds of wire types of different characteristics and other materials of total nomenclature till 1000 exemplars.      

For higher safety of vehicles, materials resistant to thermal, oil and gasoline effects are used during harnesses production. Moreover, they use special chemical components for self-extinction. Quality is a key matter for producer. More than 40 “UzKoje” specialists passed trainings in South Korean enterprises. To date, enterprise develops individual industry potential and works on markets expansion. Enterprise capabilities will be extended, but quality remains consistently high.

Enterprise production - electric wiring harnesses.