Komilov Nodirbek Anvarbekovich

Address: Andijan, Soy str., 5а

Tel.: (90) 922-21-24 

Web-site: uzsaem.uz

E-mail: info@uzsaem.uz



Joint-Venture on production of fuel tanks for Nexia, Damas, Matiz, stamped parts, 9 types of panels for Nexia and 156 variations of details was founded on March 23, 1998. JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and “Andijangidromash” posses 50% of shares from Uzbek party and “Semyung Metal Co. LTD” from Korean – 50% of shares.

“Uz-Semyung Co.” is one of the largest JVs in Andijan region. Main production includes fuel tanks for all vehicles produced by Asaka Plant and metal stamped parts.

“GM Uzbekistan” vehicle’s seats consist of more than hundred stamped parts produced by JV. Front and back impact beams, 9 types of stamped panels for Nexia, door reinforcements and mufflers for Matiz, stamped details for Damas and etc.

More than 200 employees work for JV. Highly-précised technologies allow them to make a big number of operations automatically, guarantying continuity of technological processes and exception of defects.  

Specialists of high class, many of whom passed internships at the same Plants in South Korea are working here. Being supplier for “GM Uzbekistan” and other entities, such as JV “Uz-TongHong Co.”, JV “Uz-Koram Co.”, JV “Uz-DongWon Co.”, enterprise keeps on a great work on looking for component parts suppliers for private production among enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Production of more than 40 component parts was localized for JV “Uz-Semyung Co.”, they are produced by 10 republican enterprises-suppliers. Five more enterprises master new row of details. But task on searching of materials suppliers within the country is still actual, because enterprise receives materials from South Korea and Russia.  

Enterprise production – fuel tanks, metal stamped parts.