Vafoev Sanjar Oblokulovich

 Address: Navoi, Karmaninskiy distr., FIEZ “Navoi”, S-3

Tel.: (79) 220-00-16; 220-00-14;

Web-site: uea.uz

E-mail: uealternator@uealternator.cominfo@uea.uz



In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated to December 29, 2010 #PP-1455 “About investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 2011” and with the aim of production of motor vehicle compressors and generators for “UzAuto Motors” cars at the territory of FIEZ “Navoi”, “Erae cs limited” (Korea) and SC “Uzavtosanoat"  established Joint-Venture with chartered capital 4,06 mln. USD.  Purpose of the project is production of modern automotive components answering international requirements in order of further development of automotive industry of Uzbekistan and localization extension.

Yearly capacity of the plant is 360 th. of generators and 170 th. of compressors for all motor cars produced by “UzAuto Motors”. Enterprise supplies auto services and export production into near abroad, such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Enterprise production – motor car compressors and generators.