Mukhiddin Bobur Zaylobiddin o’g’li

Address: 68, Aeroport kochasi, Farg’ona shahri,

Postcode: 150118 Republic of Uzbekistan

Phones: (+998) 954 041 790; (+998) 954 041 791

Website: uzsungwoo.uz

E-mail: info@uzsungwoo.uz

Company statement 

JV LLC "UZSUNGWOO" is an enterprise equipped with high-tech equipment specializing in the production of stamped-welded parts for new cars produced at JSC "UzAuto Motors". The plant was built on the territory of the Fergana Mechanical Plant and the total area is 60,500 square meters, the production area is 11117 square meters. The project is being implemented in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 113 dated on April 14, 2011.

The company has created 650 jobs. The enterprise is fully equipped with new technologies supplied from South Korea.

The volume of manufactured products is 120 thousand sets of stamped-welded parts and assemblies, namely, 186 items of components for cars COBALT, GENTRA, NEXIA 3 of "UzAuto Motors".

In addition, the enterprise sells for export 10 items of DAMAS model parts to the parent company Sungwoo Hi-Tech, Korea, 4 items of GAZELLE NEXT car parts to the Russian companies GAZ GROUP LLC and 52 items of PEUGEOT PARTNER car parts And "CITROEN BERLINGO" to the address of "PSMA RUS LLC".

The company's products - Large and medium-sized die-welded parts.