Mamajonov Dilshod Gafurovich

Address: Andijan, Industrialnaya str., 4A

Tel.: (74) 226-89-06

Web-site: uzth.uz 

E-mail: info@uzth.uz



JV “Uz-Tong Hong Co.” was established on May 30, 1995. The founders of the company are JSC “Uzavtosanoat” – 50% and South Korean company “KM&I Co., Ltd” – 50%.

Seats are produced by JV “Uz-Tong Hong Co”, located in Andijan. JV was established in the framework of Localization Program. Before establishment of the enterprise seats were delivered from South Korea. But it is bulk and inconvenient for transportation cargo, because it occupies a lot of place in containers, and as a result consumer pays for “air” almost the same as for real good. Exactly this fact became essential during establishment in 1995 JV with participation of South Korean Company “TONG HONG ELEСTRIK Co.” – at present time Company KM&I (Koryo Motors and Interior). JV started its activity in June, 1997. Since that time almost 2 409 951 th. seats have been produced for Tico (discontinued the line), Nexia, Damas, Matiz, Lacetti, Spark and Cobalt models.  

Structural types of activity – foundry and molding polyurethane cushions departments, point welding and welding in carbon dioxide medium lines, sewing of seat covers, seats assembly with computer testing and modern system of quality control. 

More than half of component parts and materials for production are delivered by local enterprises. Stamped parts are produced by JV Uz-Semyung Co.", paint materials by JV "Uz-Dongju Paint Company", covers for some positions by JV “Uz-Dong Yang Co.”. Local, republican enterprises give JV “Uz-Tong Hong Co.” orders for cellophane production for seats, rubber components, plastic and other details wrapping. According Localization Program JV cooperates with 40 local entities and look for new clients and alternative suppliers on regular base with the aim of costs reduction.    

Enterprise keeps on working on production diversification and mastering of new types of production. With the assistance of our partners following types of goods were produced through the last years: basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and other types of balls. Several kinds of sporting inventory (trampolines, tennis and badminton rackets, gumshoes and etc.). Following consumer goods - tables, chairs, armchairs and others. 

Work goes on due professional staff and competent management being a good exemplar.

Enterprise production - car seats, basketball, football, volleyball and tennis balls, sport inventory (trampolines, tennis and badminton rackets, sport shoes), tables, chairs, armchairs and etc.