“Jizzak Battery Plant” develops a range of projects on new types of production

To date, automotive industry of Uzbekistan is a modern and high-tech industrial complex with large share of added value and inter-branch cooperation. One of the leading enterprises is “Jizzak Battery Plant” (SC “DAZ”) – the biggest producer of batteries in Uzbekistan. Plant produces high-tech import-constituting and export-oriented batteries.  

Main directions of operation of the enterprise include production and realization of batteries, as well as recycling of used storage batteries and lead waste. Enterprise capacity is equal to 800 th. batteries and recycling of 8 tons of lead waste.  


Production lines

Uniqueness of the enterprise – production building combines areas for production of batteries and melting, where lead waste recycled by the way of refining due to the technology of Mexican Company “Litlmeltexnologes” into high quality lead antimonide and lead-calcium alloys.   

Plant is equipped with up-to-date equipment from global producers, such as “SOVEMA”, “DAGA”, “MAC”, “Virts”, “Lingklaitor”, “Propezi”, “Baer”, “Kambro” and etc. For compliance with international standards here operates laboratory with modern computer equipment for endurance tests, charge intake, self-charge, as well as quality of consisting materials.  

The great attention is paid to ecological safety at plant and nearest communities. Powerful filters prevent release of the sour gas into the atmosphere. Treatment facility of “Trimmer” company, totally excludes transfer of hazardous waste into drainage. Gas cleaning system Bragxauze traps out 99,9% of lead dust.  

The whole complex, provided by the plant project, offers consumer qualitative production meeting all standards and demands at comparatively low price. 



More than 550 people work for plant. Managers and economists constitute competent production and intellectual collective able to solve difficult tasks of modern high-tech production and use breakthrough solutions. Plant specialists passed trainings and internships at plants of leading corporations of USA, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea and Russia. Specialists increase levels of qualification and pass internships abroad.      


Production and sales

Today, enterprise produces more than 30 types of batteries for motor cars and agricultural techniques.  

There is a stable demand for production on local and foreign markets. Volumes of production and sales grow annually on 10-12%. In 2015 Plant is planning to bring production volume to 558 th. batteries, and in 2016 is going to manufacture 600 th.  batteries.

To date, SC “GM Uzbekistan”, LLC “SamAuto”, JV LLC “MAN Auto – Uzbekistan” vehicles are assembled with these batteries. Moreover, works on delivery of batteries to LLC “GAS GROUP” and OJSC “AutoVAZ” are carried out.


New projects

Enterprise carries out developmental works on number of perspective investment projects for production of new outlet, such as button-cell batteries, stationary batteries, UPSs.

Realization of the projects will supply market of the republic with qualitative import-constituting production, expand export potential of the enterprise, create new working places and attract up-to-date production technologies.   

At present time company actively looks for strategic foreign partners for further development and diversification of production.