Key dates

November, 1992 – Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On establishment of JV “UzDaewooAuto”.

May, 1993 - establishment of JV«UzDEUelectronics».

March, 1994 – establishment of Uzbek Association of Automobile manufacturing “Uzavtosanoat". 

May, 1995 – establishment of JV ”Uz-Coram Co.” (bumpers and dashboards) and JV "Uz-TongHong Co." (car seats).

May, 1996 -  establishment of JV "UzDongJuPaint Co." (enamels, adhesives, industrial paints).

May, 1996 – signing of agreement on JV "SamKochavto" establishment.

September, 1996 - creation of the network of internal trade – JSC “Uzavtotexxizmat"..

June, 1996 - establishment of JV "Uz-DongYang Co." (elements of automobile interior finish).

December, 1996 – establishment of JV "Uz-DongWon Co." (mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock-beam) and JV "Uz-SeMyung Co." (fuel tanks).

February, 1997 - creation of "Uzavtosanoat" Association’s foreign trade network.

May, 1997 - participation in Minsk International Auto Show.

October, 1997 - gold medal at Siberian Fair "For promotion of modern cars of own production on Siberian market".

May, 1998 –membership of "Uzavtosanoat" Association in OICA at the General Assembly of the International Organization of Motor Transport Manufacturers in Paris.

October, 1998 –establishment of JSC "Avtooyna" (automobile glass).

December, 1998 –establishment of JV "UzEksayd" (batteries for cars, trucks, buses and tractors).

March, 1999 - official presentation of JV "SamKochavto".

October, 1999 –establishment of JV "UzKodji" (electroplaits for vehicles)..

August, 2004 –reorganization of "Uzavtosanoat" Association into the Joint-Stock Company.

August, 2008 - official presentation of Foreign Enterprise "DaiichiAutoParts".

December, 2008 – beginning of JV «GM PowertrainUzbekistan» construction.

September, 2009 – establishment of JV "UzChasis" on production of outdoor lighting (headlights and lamps for vehicles) in Namangan.

March, 2010 – 3 new plants in Fergana region: "Ferrae" (stamped components), "UzdongYang Fergana" (plastic components), "Fergana Autoglass” (encapsulated glass).

July, 2010 – establishment of JV "UzIraeAlternator" (generators and compressors) in FIEZ "Navoi".

August, 2010 – establishment of JV "UzIraeCable" (electric wires) in FIEZ "Navoi".

September, 2010 - production of auto components on JV “UzMinda” in FIEZ "Navoi".

November, 2010 - production of noise insulation materials at the “UzHanvu” joint venture.

May, 2011 - "MAN Truck & Bus AG" and "Uzavtosanoat" Joint-Stock Company began the construction of a new plant in Uzbekistan for production of heavy commercial vehicles.

September, 2011 - the beginning of a big-block assembly of the updated Chevrolet Captiva vehicle.

March, 2012 - the beginning of a big-block assembly of the Chevrolet Malibu vehicle.

September, 2012 - the start of series production of Chevrolet Cobalt car.

November, 2013 - the beginning of the production of Lacetti II (Gentra).

March, 2014 - the start of production of the car Chevrolet Orlando.

April, 2014 - the release of the two millionth car.

February, 2015 – production of anniversary twenty thousandth vehicle on Samarkand Automotive Plant.

May, 2015 – operation of new administrative building of JSC “Uzavtosanoat”. 

July, 2015 – Japanese Company “ISUZU Motors” and JSC “Uzavtosanoat” signed an agreement on realization of 8% share in chartered capital of Samarkand Automotive Plant.

July, 2015 – serial production of Chevrolet Labo by “GM Uzbekistan”.

July, 2015 – Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated to July 20, 2015 “About establishment of Joint Venture “UZAUTO-INZI” on aluminum details production”.

June, 2016 – the start of series production of the next generation of Chevrolet Nexia.

May, 2017 – SC Uzavtosanoat and Groupe PSA sign a Joint Venture agreement to produce light commercial vehicles in Uzbekistan.

August 2017 - in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 01.06.2017. No. PP-3028 and the decision of the sole shareholder of "Uzavtosanoat" JSC dated 11.08.2017. No. 5-2017 the name of the "Uzavtosanoat" joint stock company was changed to a joint stock company and the charter was registered in a new edition.

January 2018 - Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with one of the leading colleges in South Korea in the automotive industry Ajou motor.

May 2018 - Asaka Automobile Plant "GM Uzbekistan" received the third degree of quality integration into the plant's production processes - the BIQ III (Built-InQuality) certificate.

September 2018 - JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan JV LLC presented a new model of the MAN TGS 19.400 4X2 Efficient Line truck tractor, which meets the Euro-5 environmental standards.

September 2018 - a new branch of O`zERAE Climate Control JV LLC for the production of heating and ventilation systems for Damas and Labo cars produced by GM-UZBEKISTAN JSC was opened in the Khazorasp SEZ of the Khorezm region.

October 2018 - GM Uzbekistan JSC introduces the possibility of the buyer monitoring the status of the car delivery to the car dealership on the official website.

October 2018 - an agreement was signed between KAMAZ PTC and UzAutoTRAILER LLC on the establishment of a KAMAZ ASIA CENTER joint venture.

November 2018 - Uzbekistan's first online car purchase platform “GM Uzbekistan” was launched online - Uzavtosavdo.

December 2018 - the beginning of the production of Chevrolet Tracker cars on the basis of the branch of the GM Uzbekistan JSC plant in Tashkent.

December 2018 - the opening of the first multi-brand car show in Uzbekistan took place in the city of Nurafshon, Tashkent region.

December 2018 - the three millionth car produced by GM Uzbekistan was sold at the LUX AUTO MOTORS showroom.

December 2018 - GM Uzbekistan plant in Asaka broke the record of previous years by producing the 220000th car in a year, which became the Chevrolet Nexia.

February 2019 - a factory for the production of bicycles and motorcycles "Norin Moto Bike" was opened in Namangan region.

March 2019 - in Seoul, during the 2nd meeting of the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Uzavtosanoat JSC, General Motors (USA) and GM Korea Supplier Association (South Korea).

May 2019 - The Juventus Football Academy opened at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

June 2019 - a new model of MAN TGS 40.440 6X6 BB T042 U-18H dump truck rolled off the assembly line of the Man Auto Uzbekistan plant.

July 2019 - a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Turin Polytechnic University and its branch in Tashkent, within the framework of which a program for the integration of education, science and industrial processes of industries, as well as the optimization of curricula, will be implemented. In particular, the issue of opening new areas of bachelor's and master's degrees in the direction of "Automotive Engineering"

July 2019 – “GM Uzbekistan” changed its name to “UzAuto Motors”.

July 2019 - the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On additional measures for the accelerated development of the automotive industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan" No. PP-4397 dated July 18, 2019 was adopted.

August 2019 - the Ravon Racing Team won the Russian car races of the SMP RSKG on the Moscow Raceway in the Touring Light race, having won the honorable first place.

September 2019 - the start of sales of the updated Chevrolet Malibu Facelift model with a 1.5 Turbo engine.

September 2019 ¬– The opening of the first startup platform UzAuto Market in Uzbekistan took place in Tashkent. The innovation platform is designed to provide direct contact between manufacturing plants and buyers, offers tuning studio services, auto goods and will become a startup space for young innovators.

September 2019 - “O'zAuto-Austem” company mastered the production of new windscreen washer fluids.

October 2019 - the world practice of exchanging a used car for a new one with a Trade-In surcharge was launched in Uzbekistan.

September 2019 - sales of Ravon cars in Russia started.

September 2019 - "Uzavtosanoat" JSC held a large-scale event "Forum Localization 2019". Along with domestic enterprises, more than 50 companies from Brazil, India, China, USA, France, South Korea and other countries took part in the Forum, including Faurecia (France), Autoglass Corp - (South Korea), Yanfeng Adient - (China ), Spark Minda (India), Joyson Safety Systems (USA) and other large companies-manufacturers of auto components.

October 2019 - a presentation of mobile and modular preschool educational organizations was held in Tashkent, intended for remote rural areas, mountainous areas and hard-to-reach settlements in which the construction of an ordinary preschool educational institution is impossible. The mobile preschool education project was implemented by the Main Directorate of Formation and Maintenance of Preschool Education Policy of the Ministry of Preschool Education and “Uzavtosanoat” JSC.

October 2019 - from the “UzAuto Motors Service & Trade-In Center” site, a grandiose motor rally started on Ravon R2, R3 and R4 cars - Tashkent-Minsk. The run route with a length of over 4,000 km will pass through the territories of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. The purpose of the rally is to establish friendly relations between Uzbekistan and Belarusian consumers and show the reliability of cars made in Uzbekistan.

October 2019 - the opening of a new service and trade center “UzAuto Motors Service & Trade-In Center” took place in Tashkent. The main feature of the center is the ability to exchange a used car for a new one with a surcharge through the Trade-in system.

November 2019 - The presentation of the Ravon brand took place in Minsk, which marked the start of car sales in the Republic of Belarus. The lineup was represented by three models: Ravon R2, Ravon Nexia R3 and Ravon R4.

November 2019 - the official launch of a new chassis assembly line for KAMAZ vehicles took place at the UzAuto Trailer plant in Samarkand.

November 2019 - UzAuto Trailer LLC was awarded the Hardox in My Body certificate in honor of the recognition of the quality of the dump bodies produced at the plant.

November 209 - constituent documents were signed between “UzAutoTrailer” LLC and KAMAZ PJSC on the establishment of a joint venture KAMAZ ASIA LEASING.

November 2019 - the presentation of the first ISUZU D-Max pickup made in Uzbekistan took place in Tashkent.

December 2019 - an agreement was reached to attract large investments in the automotive industry through cooperation with the Uzavtosanoat JSC of the Japanese companies Isuzu Motors and Itochu Corporation.

December 2019 - the 200 thousandth car rolled off the assembly line of the production line of the Khorezm branch of UzAuto Motors. The anniversary model was the Damas car.

December 2019 - UzAuto Motors presented four new crossovers Chevrolet Tahoe, Traverse, Trailblazer and Equinox.

January 2020 - an agreement was signed between “Uzavtosanoat” JSC, Sinotruk International Investment Limited and MAN Truck & Bus SE to establish a joint venture UZ TRUCK AND BUS MOTORS LLC JV on the basis of the existing JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan ".

January 2020 - on the territory of the UzAuto Market innovation platform, an inter-sectoral cooperation forum Cooperation Lab was organized for private manufacturers, representatives of science, chemical, agricultural, light and other industries.

January 2020 - sales of the first ISUZU D-Max pickups in Uzbekistan started.

February 2020 - Ravon Nexia R3 became the best-selling model in Kazakhstan.

February 2020 - “Uzauto Motors” starts selling cars in export markets under the Chevrolet brand.

March 2020 - Uzavtosanoat JSC and Volkswagen Group Rus signed an agreement on cooperation in the production and sales of light commercial vehicles in Uzbekistan.

March 2020 - at the joint venture "Uz-Dong Yang Co." established the production of medical masks.

March 2020 – in Kostanay (Kazakhstan) at the production facilities of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP, the launch of the production of new models of UzAuto Motors cars under the Chevrolet brand took place.

April 2020 - Uz Dong Yang Ko began production of face shields, and O'zauto Austem launched the production of antiseptics.

May 2020 - the sale of Uzauto Motors cars under the Chevrolet brand started in the Republic of Belarus.

May 2020 - "Uzavtosanoat" began construction of a modern residential area "Asaka City" in Andijan region.

June 2020 - within the framework of the agreement with General Motors, UzAuto Motors announced the start of sales of Chevrolet mass segment cars in Russia.

July 2020 - Ravon R3 became the best-selling model for the second quarter of the year in Kazakhstan.

July 2020 - sales of Volkswagen Caddy cars started in the official Volkswagen dealerships in Uzbekistan.

August 2020 - in the Bektemir district of Tashkent, with the participation of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the opening of the Cooperation LAB Center for the Development of Intersectoral Cooperation took place.