Atabaev Kamil Akhmatovich

Address: Tashkent region, Angren, Industrial Zone, Ipak Yuli, 2

Tel.: 202-62-23

E-mail: terminal.avtosanoat@mail.ru



In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan SC “Uzavtosanoat” founded unitary enterprise “AVTOSANОAT – TERMINAL” for service of export-import cargoes of Fergana valley (Andijan, Namangan, Fergana valley) of the Republic of Uzbekistan going through Angren-Kokand road passing over Kamchik (part of single transport network of the republic).

According protocol of shareholder dated to 28.01.2015 starting from the February 1, 2015 UE “AVTOSANОAT – TERMINAL” abolished all activities on materials handling and signed over assets into rent.

Form May 11, 2015 UE “AVTOSANОAT – TERMINAL” was reorganized into LLC. Staff consists of 2 specialists.