Khadjibaev Alisher Abdukhakimovich

Address: Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek distr., 30

Tel.: 113-08-58

Web-site: uzautotrailer.uz

E-mail: info@uzautotrailer.uz



In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated to February 16, 2011 #PP-1478 “About measures on development of high-capacity vehicles production” realization of the third step of the project on production of mounted and towed vehicles for trucks was finished.

Project capacity is 3000 (2000 semitrailers and 1000 mounted vehicles), moreover, manufacturing of wide row of automotive techniques including dump-body trucks, semitrailers, container trucks, curtain-sided vehicles and isothermal semitrailers is planned to be produced. 

SC “Uzavtosanoat” established enterprise at the form of LLC - “UzAuto TRAILER”.

Due to the concept of production of high-capacity vehicles and special techniques in one complex, customer will get fully equipped techniques with chassis and tractor units produced by JV “MAN Auto Uzbekistan”, while superstructure and towed vehicles will be produced by LLC “UzAuto TRAILER”. Given concept allows flexibly react to market demand, to reduce currency expenditures on special techniques import.

Total production area is 27 th. m2. To date, more than 311 specialists work there with possible increase to 580.

Project provides full cycle of production: shot cleaning, metal rolling, plasma and laser beam cutting, bending, robotized and automatic welding line, as well as painting in modern wash and blow dry cabinets, assembly lines. Moreover, enterprise equipped with updated laboratory complex, testing area and mechanized stockrooms for profile metal-roll.

LLC “UzAuto TRAILER” – is a combination of competent staff and up-to-date equipment of global producers, such as “Messer”, “Mechanic Taucha” (Germany), “HRC AG” (Switzerland), “Ermaksan” (Turkey), “Stierli-Bieger” (Sweden), “PENTAMAC” (Italy), “Froius” (Austria) and others.

Project solutions introduced into technologies meet international requirements and standards that was proved by following foreign companies: “ROLFO” (Italy), “SFKTRAILER”, “SAFHolland”,”Kogel”,”Schmitz” (Germany) and others. Plant’s techniques in one of the newest in Central Asia.

As for today, company produces 6 types of dump-body trucks (8 м3, 13 м3, 15 м3, 16 м3, 18 м3, 20 м3), isothermal and curtain-sided vehicles, awning semitrailers, moreover plant produces refrigerated and isothermal semitrailers under the brand “ROLFO UzAuto TRAILER” due to agreement with “ROLFO” (Italy) company.

Plant carries works on production development and introduction of new types, such as reservoirs and tankers and localized component parts for MAN and ISUZU trucks.

Enterprise has own construction-technological bureau with qualified local and foreign specialists. Along with that, bureau is projecting nonstandard machine attachments for automotive industry. 

Enterprise production – dump-body trucks, on-board, isothermal and curtain-sided vehicle, awing semitrailers, refrigerated and isothermal semitrailers.