MAN SE is a German mechanical engineering company producing buses, trucks and diesel engines. MAN traces its origins back to 1758. So it is one of the oldest machine-building companies all over the world.

In XVIII century company name was Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg AG, or in short, M·A·N. MAN SE is based in Munich. The newest history of MAN starts in 1915 with the production of trucks in Nurnberg.

In 1923 in Augsburg first diesel engine for vehicle with a capacity of 40 horsepower and fuel injection possibility rolled off the production line. 

1924 became significant for MAN: first-ever serial diesel truck with fuel injection was produced. Next step covered production of diesel truck with cardan drive with 5 tones capacity.

MAN is the first producer of spherical combustion chamber - it was projected purposely for trucks. MAN started this production in 1937.  

During the World War II MAN produces tanks – future Panther tanks were built there.

Due to specialization on trucks Company got big number of orders in post war period.

50s years of growth: production of low-noise-level motors. In 1958 MAN launched production of trams. In 1962 Porsche Diesel Motorenbau absorbed MAN – growth of trams production, integration with «Gutehoffnungshütte Aktienverein» for creation of global brand MAN AG. In 1988 MAN starts production of environment friendly low-floor buses. Since that time MAN began to advance its power.

Today MAN is the largest producer of trucks, buses and fixed-route taxies. Company plants operate in different countries throughout the world with the headquarters in Nurnberg. So, big number of modern comfortable touristic buses and fixed-route taxies – it is undoubtedly MAN.