Official speeches by Management

Speech of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of SC “Uzavtosanoat” Azimov Kobil Odilovich at the final game of the football league in honor of the Independence Day.


Dear colleagues and guests of the ceremony!

Let me congratulate you with 24th anniversary of the Independence of our country, as well as with closure of the annual Football Championship between SC “Uzavtosanoat” teams!

“Mustakillik Cup” among enterprises of automotive industry of Uzbekistan has become not only sporting event. We can say with certainty that this Championship became our common and favorite tradition. Each year, starting from April, group matches begin, where the sportiest employees start fighting for football team championship. It makes us glad that from year to year team members show good groundings and successful game techniques.

“Mustakillik Cup” – is our common and favorite festival marked not only with beautiful football play, but even more bright and heartwarming event for SC “Uzavtosanoat” employees at their families. In the framework of the game the process of strengthening of sporting and friendly ties between staff of our large company goes on.

I hope that Championship will become more popular from year to year, attracting new participants to the healthy style of life!



Speech of Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Board of SC “Uzavtosanoat” U.U.Rozukulov at the opening ceremony of International Industry Fair and Cooperation Exchange.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear guests! Participants of Fair and Cooperation Exchange!

Let me congratulate you with Opening Ceremony on behalf of Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

As you know, government pays great attention to development and expansion of inter-branch relations, production of import-substituting and exporting new goods, creation of appropriate conditions for enterprises activities. 

Within the framework of VIII International Industry Fair and Cooperation Exchange enterprises of the branch signed treaties to the amount of 2 trillion 930 bln. sums, so, during January-March of current year production to the amount of 690 bln. sums has already been delivered that is 1,4 times more than at the same period of the last year.

Dear guests and participants!

Today following Companies take part at Fair: “Uzavtosanoat”, “Uzeltehsanoat”, “Uzagrosanoatmashholding”, “Tashkent Mechanical Plant”, JV “UzClass-Agro”, JV “Chirchik Lemken” and other small and medium-sized enterprises of the branch, total quantity of enterprises-participants is equal to 180. Following production is displayed to your attention: MAN and ISUZU new special techniques, city buses of LE60 model, techniques of TTZ LS models and farm machinery. 

Video-materials on enterprises will be available during the Fair.

I believe that during the event even more treaties will be signed and business ties will be organized between companies.

Dear guests and participants of the Fair!

We wish you good luck in setting of cooperation ties between enterprises, in development and production. I call the Fair to order, thank you for attention!