Ergashev Ismoil Tashkentovich

Address: Samarkand, Mirzo Bedil str., 18-a, 140038.

Tel.: (66) 221-75-20; 221-73-91       

Web-site: samak.uz

E-mail: sam_ak2010@inbox.uz


Samarkand Automaking College was established in accordance with Paragraph 2.2 of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan #PP-805 dated to February 29, 2008 “About State Program “Year of Young generation”, according to order of the Center of secondary, specialized and professional education of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan #164 dated to  August 30, 2008, order of  Division of secondary, specialized and professional education of Samarkand region #182 dated to September 10, 2008. On the 2 of September, 2009 College started operation in new building.

To date, 742 students study on 5 directions:

1. Technician-mechanic of car assembly and test – 176 students.

2. Technician-mechanic of technical service – 238 students.

3. Diagnostics of electric and digital equipment of vehicles – 30 students.

4. Technician-mechanic of vehicle body – 90 students.

5. Organization of transfers and traffic administration – 208 students.

Total are of college is 2.4 hectares, 1 3-floor academic building (total area 4130 m2), 3 workshops (1250м2), gym hall (852,8м2). There are 16 classrooms, 1 computer room and 1 language laboratory.

Staff consists of 2 professors, PhDs, 2 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, 2 leading teachers, 6 senior teachers and more than 30 teachers. 

3 workshops operate in college:

  • Machine –shop equipped with turning, milling, grinding machines and many other bench tools.  
  • Car assembly workshop, equipped with carcasses of ISUZU buses, ISUZU truck, ISUZU trucks bodies, painting equipment for vehicles and etc.
  • Workshop for technical service with all necessary equipment and inventory.

Samarkand Automaking College signed an agreement with Samarkand Automotive Plant and Samarkand Avtotehhizmat Association, JV Man Auto Uzbekistan and several automotive enterprises for employment of college graduates on competitive base.