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Taking into account phasing and consequence of economic reforms in accordance with National Program for Personnel Training and international standards of higher education, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent put main task consisting of training of highly-qualified specialists for automotive, machine-building and energy industries using modern technologies and teaching methodic of the one of leading Universities of Europe, which occupies seventh place in the rating of higher technical schools of European continent and first place in Italy.   

University focuses on applied side of scientific researches and developments of each student, simultaneously putting emphasis on empirical researches. Models of students’ projects on newest equipment are created in the laboratories under University. Next step is creation of desired product in techno-park using high-precision machines, while ready-made detail is studied in metrological complex, undergoes certification of accuracy and compliance with standards of automotive industry enterprises.  

University signed an Agreement with JSC “Uzavtosanoat” and JV “UzAuto Motors–Powertrain” on attraction of students to enterprises in order they could learn all necessities of production process and working features. Each Friday, after classes, “turinets” visit offices and departments to immerse into the world of management and technical processes. At JSC “Uzavtosanoat” offices they study specifics of automotive industry management, meet with foreign companies and joint-ventures experiences.       

University curriculum provides course of “Introduction to speciality”. Lectures are delivered by heads of automotive and machine-building, construction and energetics industries. Such courses assist students to choose future working places in order to realize their creative and professional potentials, make progresses in careers.     

Special attention is paid to studying in English – it means that Uzbek young specialists will be able to share experience with leading producers more efficiently and without interpreters, because students think and operate English terms. 

Improving and simplifying studying process, specialists of Turin Polytechnic University organized Information Resource Centre (IRC) being a reference system and introducing readers with periodical issues, training and research literature.

Eventually, University graduates are ready specialists able to be engaged into production and enterprises management.