Risk takers

The most vulnerable sphere of activity of civil servants to corruption risks

The sphere of work and personnel management:

Selection and appointment of personnel to managerial positions.


Compliance with the sanctions regime;

In the enterprise system:

Matching terms of reference specifically to one supplier;

Obstruction of freedom of competition by granting privileges to certain categories of contractors;

The emergence of conflicts of interest due to the lack of transparency in the choice of contractor;

Conducting direct negotiations with suppliers;

Awareness of the terms of commercial proposals or requests for proposals/bids;

Compliance with the sanctions regime in the bid selection process;

In the field of construction and installation work:

Preparation of documentation as well as the process of supervision in the field of construction and installation works.

In the field of localization of products required by the company:

The process of selecting local manufacturers.

Marketing and sales:

Compliance with the sanctions regime;

All processes observed in the sales process (sales of cars, in the process of selling components and other products produced in the system of enterprises).

In the field of finance, banking operations:

Making money transfers; depositing/withdrawing funds from deposits; Insurance related procedures.