LLC "UzAuto Motors Powertrain"

UzAuto Motors Powertrain produces second generation of B-DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) gasoline and bi-fuel (gasoline / gas) engines, designed for optimal power and fuel consumption for the Uzbek market, as well as for export, including Russia, USA and the CIS countries. There are two types of engines: with a volume of 1.2 liters and 1.5 liters for models such as Chevrolet Spark, Cobalt, Gentra, Nexia3 

UzAuto Motors Powertrain also specializes in the production of the main engine components - crankshaft, cylinder block and cylinder head, which are part of the plant production process. Products meet world requirements for quality standards and the manufacturing system GM - GMS (Global Manufacturing System)

The key feature of the company is that it is the first and only aluminum cylinder head foundry plant in Central Asia. This is a truly unique facility, as the foundry and assembly shops are combined on the same site, which reduces the cost of transporting components.

Our mission is to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering world-class engines through safety, teamwork and continuous improvement of manufacturing system. UzAuto Motors Powertrain is committed to implementing and improving its health and safety system, making health and safety a top priority. Our safety motto is: "Drive values that return people home safely, every person, every site, every day."

All our employees are thoroughly trained according to GM's global manufacturing processes. Many specialists have been trained abroad and gained experience at other GM plants. Our company has come a long way, reaching an ever higher level of integrated quality by receiving the quality management certificate ISO 9001 in 2014  and then obtaining "BIQ 3" in 2015 and "BIQ 4" in 2018 the level of integrated quality of General Motors.

UzAuto Motors Powertrain also places great importance to the environment. In 2014, the company received ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate and in 2018 implemented ISO 50001 Energy Management system, achieving a reduction in energy consumption and an improved culture of energy saving. The company has installed a unique wastewater treatment plant, which allows to treat wastewater to the lowest level of oil.

UzAuto Motors Powertrain is proud to be one of the leading companies in the country, making a sizable contribution to the development of the economy and hiring the best employees who produce world-class engines for vehicles produced in Uzbekistan.